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Ryzom Forge meeting report – November 8, 2021

1 - Pen-and-paper role-playing game in Ryzom universe

Drumel (RT) – 20:39 UTC
For some time we have been working on a role-playing game in the Ryzom universe. The goal is to be able to play outside the New Lands, either on the Old Lands, now or before the Swarmings, or in other more remote places. Places that will never be in the MMO, for example places where resurrection does not exist.
There is a playable first draft, and I need testers, initially one or two teams of four people. People to play and point out what works well and give suggestions for improvement. For the moment, the working version is in French, and my level in other languages means that I can only have people playing in French. But if a game master wants to get involved, we can also set up tests in other languages.

Q: What is the purpose of this? I have a hard time understanding the principle of taking people out of the MMO to go to restricted areas when the MMO is sorely lacking in players.
No, it's not that at all! It's a complement, we're not taking anyone away from the MMO. Tabletop roleplaying allows you to explore the game world without the need for tehnique, it's a game played around a table with paper, pencils, and dice. We chat, and we don't need a screen or a computer :-) and we are currently working on a "rule book".
To put it simply, it's Dungeons & Dragons in the Ryzom universe, if that makes for you more sense.

Q: What type of table game it is? Card game like [/i]Magic: The Gathering[i], card game with map, map with dices, miniatures with rulers?
It is not a card game, it is a game where each player plays a character, and one of the players, the game master, embodies the entire environment. (See Wikipedia article.)

Q: Is the goal to build a game that Winchgate can publish?
A priori the game will remain in PDF or POD, and will be distributed for free. As for the rules, I plan to put them under a CC-By-SA license, but I haven't discussed it with Winchgate yet.

Q: I just wanted to add that tabletop roleplaying has been gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years in France. I can't say if a Ryzom tabletop roleplaying game will succeed in bringing roleplayers to the MMO, but in any case, it can help to make the universe known. So this is a good initiative in itself, because the Ryzom universe is worth knowing. Do you plan to record/film games? In stream, maybe. Hot to test if not!
At the moment no, and I think it would make me too uncomfortable to do so.

Q: Can we have a precise idea of the method used to test, then?
Precise no, but it will either be a visio, or just voice with screen sharing, maybe using a dedicated software like Rolisteam.

Q: I was wondering if, when I would like to play with so and so, I should put my webcam, my microphone…. Otherwise, what will it bring us more? A comeback to conviviality?
The final objective, beyond the tests, is to allow players to play at home with their friends, around a real table. The tests are to help in the development.
A comeback I don't know: personally, I have never stopped playing tabletop roleplaying games since university.

Drumel notes the names of the five participants at the meeting who expressed interest in testing (including two non-French speakers whom he will contact directly afterwards) and retains the idea of a wider call for testers (on the forums) before closing his contribution.

2 - OP refactoring

Tamarea (RT) – 21:28 UTC
The outpost refactoring project is Dev's current #1 priority.
Now that GvE tests are finished, we are preparing the next tests on Atys, which will involve GvG. Like GvE tests, these ones will be performed on special outposts.
Ulukyn (Dev) will come to present this GvG part in detail during the next Ryzom Forge meeting on Monday, December 6th.

Q: Since I'm currently without a guild, I was wondering: is the lack of "traditional" outpost battles for the past few weeks due to guilds being busy with testing?
No, there are other explanations for this stalling (participants give some). But the latter is the reason why we keep the redesign of the outposts as our #1 priority. We'll talk about it again at the next Ryzom Forge meeting.

3 - Recruitment

Tamarea (RT) – 21:42 UTC
Support Team

The Support team continues its recruitment campaign for volunteers.
We need you, your availability, your technical and gameplay knowledges of the game but also your diplomacy, to expand our ranks and best meet the expectations of players.
To learn more, please consult this post: #2 .
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at, and do not tell anyone about your application!

Event Team
We're looking for volunteers who want to help write event scripts, or who want to become actors by playing a character in the events we play.
Training is provided, and the entry into acting is done very gradually to give the recruit time to get used to it.
Join us to benefit from this unique experience!
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at and do not tell anyone about your application!

Translation Team
We are looking for volunteers to translate in-game texts and official announcements into English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, as well as to proofread texts in these five languages.
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at

That was the last topic for today!
If you'd like to contact Drumel about tabletop roleplaying, you can do so on chat.ryzom, or reply to the meeting minutes on the forum when they're posted.
The next meeting will be held on Monday, December 6th!
The two main topics will be Bugs and testing, and Outpost redesign.


(21:51 UTC)

Q: Would it be possible to know if patch here the proposed can be authorized? I'm itching to share it (and use it). I don't necessarily expect a definite answer now, but I would really like to have an official answer at some point, because I want to go kitin hunting with my friend. And I know that this kind of topic is easily overlooked... At the same time I'm not going to use and spread what can be considered as a feat, without official authorization.
I can't answer now, the idea must be investigated by the Devs. But we will answer you on the forum.

The meeting is closed at 22:00 UTC


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