[Matis] Nobles assembly of Yrkanis

The Nobles Chamber of the Verdant Heights has gathered in the Royal Palace of Yrkanis, on Quarta, Germinally 10, 4th AC 2615*, and was lead by His Majesty Stevano-Karan.

Were attending:
Filira Salazar, Royal Historian
Filira Zakkk, Clerk of the Court retired
Filira Markanjio
Filira Tapco

Ser Copal, Royal Scribe and Ambassador of the Kingdom
Ser Nilstilar, Ambassador of the Kingdom
Ser Jacol, vassal of the Kingdom
Ser Valdini, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Canillia, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Khiriandras, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Liostabezephy, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Mioukis, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Nityaena, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Umaena, vassal of the Kingdom

Ser Fleurdetuber, ambassador of the Federation
Serae Dorothee, Ranger’s representative in replacement for ser Zorraoargh**

Stevano-Karan has opened the session with the traditional prayer to Jena.

The Houses present have then reported their current affairs.
Filira Markanjio has been appointed as second in command of the Alkian Order. Order that continues to preserve the Border Post of Berello Gorge.
Ser Jacol represented the Firm in the absence of Serae Shepeng. During her absences, Filira Zakarya continues to give advice, and Serae Liosta Be'Zephy presages the continuation.
Filira Salazar did not have any new information about the Order of the Argo Navis.
Ser Copal had no news about the other members of the Guardians of Knowledge either.
Finally Serae Nityaena introduced her house, House Giorandella of Avalae, which she leads, and which also includes her sister Umaena.

Answering a question from Serae Nityaena, Stevano-Karan recalled the rules governing ennoblement.
It is possible to be noble by birth, or to be ennobled as a reward for a particularly brilliant action for the glory of the Kingdom, or finally by occupying a position that grants nobility. It is then temporary. This is the case, for example, for the leaders of the Matisian and Karavanier Houses with at least five active members.

Stevano-Karan then gave the list of candidates that he has selected as possible spouses for Aniro-Karin. They are Filirae Aylia of House Alkiane, Filirae Nirni di Varello, Filirae Chiabre di Ciosi and Filirae Cini di Otravaldo. He invited the members of the Chamber of Nobles to meet them in order to form an opinion on the one they feel would be the most suitable as the future Karae.
The candidates will also have to show their craft skills by proposing a matisian skirt of the lightest possible weight, but with maximum protection, while incorporating green. Nobles and Vassals may assist the candidate of their choice.
Each of them will also be asked to write a poem with an open theme, but appropriate for a future Karae.

The floor was then given to the ambassadors.
Due to the lack of an assembly of the Circles, Ser Copal could not present himself to the leaders of the Witherings. However, he witnessed a hunt organized by a hunter of the Theocracy to eradicate gooified animals near the city of Jen-Laï. They had escaped from a camp. Several homins were blamed by the hunter, but the only one really apprehended managed to escape.
Answering a question from Stevano-Karan, Ser Copal was unable to say whether such events might occur in the Forest also.

Ser Nilstilar was unable to attend the last assembly in the Lakes, so Filira Salazar indicated that the Federation was planning to install an alarm system in Fairhaven.

Ser Nilstilar and Filira Salazar also attended the last Ranger assembly and met their new guide. He is a Tryker from the Old Lands and is called Barmie Dingle. Ser Nilstilar congratulated him on behalf of the Kingdom on his appointment.

The representative of the Rangers, Ser Zorroargh, was represented by Serae Dorothee. She offered the deepest respects from the new guide. The guide hopes that the collaboration with the Kingdom will remain successful. His main project is that the homins can return to the Old Lands. He is currently in training with Melga Folgore.
Finally, Serae Dorothee offered her personal thanks for the defense provided by the Matis vassals against the aggression she suffered from the Marauders.

The Federation ambassador, ser Fleurdetuber, did not provide any information or message from the Lakes, but wanted to know if his information was reliable about a maraudeur weapon he had heard the Kingdom had seized. Stevano-Karan did not comment on the rumors, but graciously advised the ambassador to assess the suitability of his informants himself.

Since no other ambassador was attending, the rest of the Chamber was held behind closed doors.

Written down for Yrkanis’ Archives on Quarta, Thermis 28, 4th AC 2615.

Stevano Aiye !
Matis Aiye !
Jena Aiye !

Copal Frerini
Royal Scribe

* on October, 24th 2021.
** As usual, please let me know by IG mail if I’ve been mistaken regarding the attendees or their titles.
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