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Q : Is building the client and server still a pain in the ass or has it become easier ? I know this was a sticking point for some people a few years ago.
Especially running an operational ryzomcore server rather than the build itself.
Why not provide some basic primitives to have a working ryzomcore ? I'm thinking for example of the old racial start zone.

A : The client build is now done via a small script on Windows, the same script will be adapted to Linux.
As for the server, the build is also simple, but ... The server build is more complicated, especially since it requires private datas.
But ryzomcore provides a complete archive, turnkey to launch a core server.
Which in the vast majority of cases will suffice.

You can link to this directly, and you're welcome. (This is still in preview, so please share any issues.)

The package provides not only the server & client development environment, but the complete graphics and leveldesign pipeline.

It only takes about an hour to set up a local development environment and shard.

We'd love to see the old islands fully released, but WG so far won't allow us. They are empty for now.

Q : Wasn't the rudimentary data available from Silan when the client/server became open source ? Is it still available ?
A : It is still available and ryzomcore is adding missing data continuously.

We only have permission to release data that does not contain any unreleased balancing or mob placement data, and only the essentials to make the assets, client and server fully build and run.

Landscape can be fully built now. We painstakingly restored several missing source assets for the Ring landscape that were lost in the transition from Gameforge to WG. (And in the process fixed some islands that were broken in the original build.)

Additionally, a group of disgruntled ex-players is working on creating tools and spreadsheets to generate new data procedurally. Currently all mobs and equipment items are usable, allowing you to create your own world using both World Editor and the Ring. Player actions and materials are not yet available and still in the works.

Do keep in mind that the Ryzom Core pipeline is currently almost 2 years ahead of the build that Ryzom Forge is using, so you'll need to have some patience for Forge to merge and test all the latest bugfixes and performance improvements. (Good thing we're all nice, and prepared a merged branch for them.)

(Based on several independent tests, the framerate in the latest Core build is double the official Forge build.)


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