[Player Event] Frigoo (2021/09/13)

As Mazeyum indicates, the story begins well before, in fact during the event of 06/12/2020 where a fyros is kidnapped in the lakes. After several adventures he is found at the tribe of the black circle which releases on the participants come to deliver him a gooified timari.

The story could have ended there, but what becomes amusing and what the moderators did not predict at the beginning, is that the players continued the story on their own and here forcing the moderators to react, which led to another event, the destruction of a goo pump near the black circle tribe, which is the start of the story of Eeri, Mazeyum and other participants of the Drakani guild with the contamination of Ostium.

This proves that the story of Atys is not fixed, and that each player can influence its story (relatively) by interacting with other players.

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