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Ryzom Forge meeting report – 21 September 2021

Ryzom installer/launcher : RyZtart

So ryztart has been set as default for Windows and Linux. For Mac I continue the development (which progresses slowly).
An announcement has been put on the forum : .
Any feedback is welcome. Moreover on the announcement we are also looking for python/web developers who would like to participate in the creation of modules to facilitate the life of the players.

Q : RyZtart didn't work on my computer (arch linux), I had to use Steam. Would it be possible to develop AUR, .deb or .rpm ?
A : Any contribution is welcome. Managing all the packages is not an easy thing. One aur I could do, the rest I don't know.
Q : How long can we keep the existing system ? Will it work with the next patches ? Or do I have to install RyZtart now ? (Linux here).
A : There are 3 ways to launch the game :
1 - Run the exe and have everything on one folder (the very old method)
2 - Launch ryzom installer
3 - Launch ryztart
The 3 work with the same patch system and will continue to work.
However, if there are patching problems, in most cases, Ryztart will fix the problem.
Because Ryztart patches the game itself, where methods 1 and 2 use the client to patch itself.
If it misses ... The patch is no longer possible.
On the other hand, the ryzom installer will not be updated anymore.

Q : Ryztart will separate the part : Atys, Yubo and Gingo in the save files ?
A : In the same way as the ryzom installer does. The compatibility is 100%.
If you use RyZtart, then switch to ryzom installer, it will be able to patch the game and vice versa.

Q : I use method 1 and Steam to patch my files. Should I switch to the new installer ?
A : This is an original way of doing things but it also works very well. So no reason to change.
Q : I'm talking about those poor victims of Windows 10 and their strange sound cards : the old installer had a button to call the old Ryzom configurator where you can set the sound driver - FMod, etc.
A : It was added two days ago.
Q : I am still on Windows 7. Will I be able to use the new installer ?
A : Normally yes. But if there is a problem, please contact me.
Q : The old installer worked fine. Why did you change it ? Just curious.
A : For many reasons.
But the main one is that it did not patch the game.
The patching of the game was the responsibility of the client itself, which is never a good thing.
If the client misses the patch, there is no way to patch.
Or go through the separate patcher but that only works for Atys.
The second reason is that the ryzom installer is a pain to manage the access to the test servers.
We can spend afternoons trying to add the Yubo server or the Gingo server.

Q : Gingo, Yubo ... Are they all test servers ?
A : Yes.

Wiki : Forge portal update

We will update the Forge wiki page a bit.
Especially since we were able to simplify some processes and installations thanks to the work of ryzom core (especially Kaetemi).
Here is the new portal mockup : .
The links are placeholders, it's mainly to present the new vision of the Forge wiki.
With the idea to orient the player according to what he knows or would like to do.
We will try to add as much information as possible knowing that for new contributors, finding documentation is more difficult than leveling up all the jewel creation branches ...

Q : Is building the client and server still a pain in the ass or has it become easier ? I know this was a sticking point for some people a few years ago.
Especially running an operational ryzomcore server rather than the build itself.
Why not provide some basic primitives to have a working ryzomcore ? I'm thinking for example of the old racial start zone.

A : The client build is now done via a small script on Windows, the same script will be adapted to Linux.
As for the server, the build is also simple, but ... The server build is more complicated, especially since it requires private datas.
But ryzomcore provides a complete archive, turnkey to launch a core server.
Which in the vast majority of cases will suffice.

Q : Wasn't the rudimentary data available from Silan when the client/server became open source ? Is it still available ?
A : It is still available and ryzomcore is adding missing data continuously.

Next patch : Kitin Lair occupations, Boss refactoring, Marauder gameplay

The next patch will be accompanied by a long migration operation that will block the whole day.
We will indeed update the web server and all its components.
For this, we will do it in 3 steps :
1 - Migration of the game database and the webig to a server already up to date (and check if everything goes well)
2 - Test the code on a server already up to date (and check if the code is still functional)
3 - Update the web server
In the next few days we will proceed to step 1.
Steps 2 and 3 are planned for later.
We will take advantage of this patch day to add the last Marauders mini-camps, move the NPCs and items of the Kitin Lair occupations in the Kitin Lair and add the new bosses in the Prime Roots (boss refactoring project).
Occupations have 2 elements, an NPC that gives the occupation and the missions.
And a targetable element that allows to create the products of the occupation.
These are the NPCs and this element that will be moved.
So the NPCs and the table will now be in the Kitin Lair.
I forgot to mention that we will be implementing bosses in the Prime Roots and the next step will be to finalize the project by adding them to all of Atys

Q : Does this mean that the larvester and scroll maker tables will be moved to the Kitin Lair ?
A : Yes.
Q : Will the existing Prime Roots bosses be removed ? Will the new Prime Roots bosses change ?
A : Please see this post : which explains the boss refactoring project in detail.
Q : Is there an approximate deadline? An update date? It would be good to know the approximate date so that we can plan it a bit.
A : If everything goes as planned, the patch with all-day closure of Atys will take place early next week.
We will of course keep you informed as soon as we know the exact date.

Q : For the newbosses : will there be new bosses in the Kitin Lair too ?
A : There are no plans for new bosses in the Kitin Lair at this time.
Q : Will Rocket Chat stay open ?
A : We will open the Ryzom Discord so we can communicate with you while Atys and Rocket Chat are closed. The link will be given on the forum.
The Ryzom Discord will be open this weekend. The link will be given on the forum and will be visible on the Atys login page during maintenance.

OP refactoring

Since a few weeks the tests are in progress at Nexus.
From the information we have, it seems to be quite well balanced, but we would like to have feedback (here, in the forum or on the project channel).
The idea is to validate this step to move on to the next one, the GvG (guild against guild) which will require a different NPC setting.

Q : Any context on OP refactoring, or links on forums we can read about it ?
A : 0 .
Q : Some guards stand behind mountains in places that are difficult to reach. Maybe you could check all the positions again ?
A : I'm going to apologize, I put them there to see how the players would react. There is no problem about moving them.

Recrutement : Event team, Support Team, Translation team

The Support team resumes its recruitment campaign.
We need you, your availability, your technical knowledge and gameplay of the game but also your diplomacy, to expand our ranks and best meet the expectations of players.
As a CSR, you will have a variety of tasks to perform that you feel most comfortable with :
- IT support for players : help them to run the game correctly on Windows, Linux or Mac ;
- Technical support : answering players' questions about using the client and about gameplay issues ;
- Bug handling : help players facing a bug, check the bugs reported by the ticket system and then forward them to the Development team;
- Role of tester on the test server ;
- Ensures that the rules of the game are respected ;
Moderation of discussion channels, forums and any other media used by Ryzom.
To learn more, please see this post : #2 .

We're looking for volunteers who want to help write event scripts, or who want to become actors by playing a character in the events we play.
Training is provided, and entry into acting is done very gradual to allow time for the recruit to get his bearings.
Join us to benefit from this unique experience !
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at

We are looking for volunteers to translate in-game texts and official announcements into English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, and to proofread texts.
To apply, contact Tamarea exclusively at


Jadeyn | Senior Game Master | Polyglot/Multilingual
Ryzom Support Team
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