[Player Event] Frigoo (2021/09/13)

Short story is complicated. We are motivated by long story arcs, with complex entanglements if possible. This is difficult, because there are not many rolist, so there are not many story possibilities. The story of the "frigoo" is far from over. As for what is true and what is false, it is all a matter of interpretation and the side that the homins lean towards. The version of a Zoraï initiate is necessarily very different from that of a researcher of the Black Circle.

The long and not complete version is here and there (there is also more before, but these two topics already give quite a bit of context). One of the games is also to go and interview (in RP!) the protagonists or witnesses more or less close, in order to put the puzzle together. I won't summarize because I can't do it without feeling like I'm spoiling too much and being too biased.

Concerning the event, the summary is easier: Jen Laï's guards have found some unusual creatures in the jungle, frippos, and gooified too. The expedition led by Len Fai Cu revealed that there were gooified yubos and frippos, some much stronger than the usual versions, and a camp ravaged and attacked by goo.

Some people, having followed the shady dealings that had taken place in the Lakes, suspected that Eeri was no stranger to the affair. Others wondered about the role of the Goo Heads (Illuminés in french, it is not litteraly translated), a tribe known to love goo and established at the Knot of Dementia. At the tribe, the expedition discovered Mazé'Yum, a homin who is beginning to be identified as part of the Black Circle and in contact with some Drakani. Some judged that he could not be innocent in the present case and wanted to bring him back to Zora, while others were more interested in tasting the goo of the Goo Heads or demanded a serious investigation before passing any justice. Eventually Mazé'Yum was caught, but just as it looked like he was going to end up in Zora's jails, the Goo Heads leader bombarded everyone with goo. Mazé'Yum took advantage of the confusion to escape and no one has heard from him since. But we know that goo zorais are tough.

We tried to combine the classic monster fight with a bit more story and more consequences than just "hitting the mob". We wanted to show that RP is not antinomic with action, and that action can be explained by a background in accordance with the game universe. I don't know what will come next, because the fun of RP is to build a story together. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet other people interested in this story, and they will be contacted in time for the next part. The goo in the bags was an easter egg from the animators and can be destroyed without a problem. There is not always an NPC to exchange tokens with... We can't offer any "rewards" as players, other than the fun of spending an evening together playing.

"Frigoo" was an excellent choice of name, as it attracted more people than we could have hoped for and will have made people ask questions. There are the answers... somewhere!
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