[Player Event] Frigoo (2021/09/13)

Len Fai-Cu is worried. He has already lived through traumatic experiences, but what he saw in Jen-Lai never ceases tormenting him. Mabreka granted him to call upon the homins of all nations. So he hurries to put up posters everywhere.
Homins of all Nations,

Frippos attacked guards in Jen-Laï. The presence of these animals in the Jungle is already very surprising but their behavior reminds that of the poor contaminated creatures of Silan.
We have to understand quickly what is going on.

Let's meet in front of Jen-Laï stables on 9h - Tria, Pluvia 27, 1st AC 2615. We'll go explore the surroundings in search of the origin of this phenomenon.

Len Fai-Cu

* [OOC] On , 13 September 2021 19:00:00 UTC (4 months ago).[/OOC]
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