Fun et ennui en PVP

Hi Zatalyz,

Your post is very interesting and plenty of wise words in it, imo. I gained my 'fame' as:'cenzored','cenzored' and 'cenzored cuz of my attacks on diggers in Umbra. So I am one of these ppl who attack cuz they can. Only when I met RP ppl, I had real fun! These guys talk and I never had to hear all 'polite' words thowards myself. So there is a small part of ppl wich are fun to PvP with. Other 'old guard' is stack up to nose with decent gear and expirience. It is very hard to find ppl to fight for fun as for most of ppl here I met it is: or showing off with their powers or personal issues. Sharing expirience??? Not much space for fun there...
Regarding OP wars they are extremly borring. Especialy as Mara :-). You go to OP war like where players ratio is 1 to 5. Good luck in winning it :-). But last war I took part in (supporting other faction) was more or less what I saw in all OP wars so far... 
So yes PvP was killed by dessign in my opinion...
 If you have other thoughts, check participants in upcoming tournament: all the time the same ppl... I would love to participate but all what you wrote in your post prevents me from looking forward to any event... stagnation is by design too, imo.

In few days I will be back in game, on vacation now, if you want to have fun PvP, call on me for sure :-)
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