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Patch - 2021-05-17

The new Bosses are ready to appear on new popping sites. Here are some of their characteristics:

  • All species present in a region of Atys produce a Boss to appear in that region.
  • Conversely, no Boss of a given species will ever pop in a region where no creatures of that species live (so there is no point hoping to find a vorax Boss in a region where no vorax has ever been seen).
  • When a Boss dies on a given site, another Boss, from the same region, is elected to succeed him and appear on the said site within a few days (random duration).
  • The level of Bosses is in accordance with the level of the region in which they appear (thus, a level 250 region only hosts level 270 Bosses).
  • Two Bosses cannot appear simultaneously on the same site.
  • Several Bosses of the same species can appear simultaneously in different regions (such as Armkoo and Armkan), or even several Bosses of the same look (such as Armkoo 220 and Armkoo 270).
  • The rotation of Bosses on the sites of the same region is favored. Thus, you will not always meet the same Boss on the same site, but often another of the valid Bosses of the region.

    The implementation of this new popping system of Bosses, started a few days after that of the patch described here, has been carried out in three stages in rapid succession:

  • Step 1: appearances in the Nexus, at a faster pace than usual at first (in order to validate the system without too much delay), then, from the next step on, at the usual pace (every three or four days).
  • Step 2: appearances in Prime Roots at the usual pace.
  • Step 3: appearances throughout Atys at the usual pace.


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