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Regarding new players in Silan - a huge part of why i kept playing more than a week is that at the time there were advanced players there who spent most of their time helping the noobs. I met them almost instantly. It gave me a sense that this was a community. I know many people still help the newcomers in silan, but we should remember to encourage these silan mentors for the work they do to keep people playing. Perhaps even make mentoring an official thing?
a + on the mentoring part, but what 'reward' or benefit should they get?
maybe an 'invite' to become a mentor, resulting in a better experience share when teamed up (like not having the exp dropped to half if you are teamed with your mentor)

in truth tho, this is discouraged by the players themselves, old players to be exact, don't ask me to drop names, you know they are out there.



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