Generic Crafting plans

I have been wondering about why the following haven't been introduced;

Generic Magic Amplifiers

Generic Dagger

Generic 1H sword, mace, spear

Generic jewelery

Generic Armors (HA, MA, LA)

I was thinking, if they ARE introduced, maybe they could be the result of special rites. Perhaps the rites would be unlocked after the player was able to equip Q250 gear.

Maybe for the Magic amps-

they would have to go to the ZORAI SAGE, in Zora.

Maybe for the Generic Dagger-

they would have to visit the TRYKER SAGE, in Fairhaven.

Maybe for the other 1H weapons-

they would go to the FYROS SAGE, in PYR.

Maybe for the Generic Jewelry-

they would talk with the MATIS SAGE, in Yrkanis.

Maybe for the Generic Armor-

they would have to go visit a Hermit/Sage, in a very dangerous, remote place
that surprisingly enough,
would be perfectly safe after they are at the old hermit's camp site

the rites could encompass the WHOLE planet of Atys

-Almati woods,
-Prime Roots,
and the 4 regions -
- Lakes,
- Jungle,
- Desert,
- Forest

where for each sage, they have to collect something,
or visit a neutral camp to talk with the tribe chief for some information,
of course, like the Silt Sculptor dagger rite (Tryker),
they would have to PROVE THEIR WORTH
.... for nothing is free,
and the information the tribe would have acquired over generations
came to them at a price also.

would it take a lot of hours figuring out everything?
would it be worth it in the end?
there are folks out there looking for a challenge
MAYBE these rites could offer that .... for awhile at least.
some hard-core players would probably have it all done in less than a week.
as for me, maybe a couple of months ..... if I could even get to where the sites are, for material collection, or "special tasks" given by the tribes

I think it would be lots of fun
and the rewards would be cool,
a FULL inventory of generic weapons / armor / jewels -

-- rather than race specific --
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