[Rangers] Ultimate quest (2021/02/11)

It was shortly after the great barkquake of the Nexus, in 2609 that I met Orphie Dradius. It was after Erin Mac'Cartlann had discovered an old map in her archives, which led us to the Tunnel of Woe. She had come to participate in the the Ranger Assembly that had followed the expedition. At the time I was very impressed by this homina who, despite her advanced age, retained a particularly energetic and yet benevolent appearance. I could hardly exchange a few words with her, but they were enough to make me understand how she had been able to participate in the foundation and develop, with her companions of course, a community as important as that of the Rangers.
Like everyone else, I had been very worried when I read the words of the poster that alerted us about her recent demise. When I arrived at the Ranger's Circle, I was not reassured by Apocamus Dradius's strained expression and the pallor of his face, and I think everyone else felt the same. Still, the extent of the mobilization gave me some hope, and it was without delay that we rushed into the Kitin's Lair to find her.

At first the party, somewhat disordered, explored the best-known part of the cave, towards the room where the kitins gather their livestock, where they were met by an unusual concentration of Kinchers, who soon mingled with the usual residents of the place. The fighting was fierce and many were injured. Nevertheless, the united homins were able to explore the eastern galleries but could not get past the debris or the kitin mounds that obstructed them. No trace of Orphie... the disappointment was great.

Rubble at the end of the egg room.

Wounded Orphie and the giant sting

Regaining its courage, the expedition headed for the primary egg room. Here again we had to fight hard, as going unnoticed was not an option. Finally, at the very bottom of the egg room and after a thorough search, we found Orphie's dagger, so she had been there. We then spent a considerable amount of time destroying a Kitin mound and trying to clear the rubble that closed off access to the greater depths (I even got stuck by a sliding boulder, but luckily I was rescued quickly). Finally, a little later we discovered Orphie herself, badly wounded; next to her, what looked like the huge black stinger of a monstrous insect. Gathering our strength once more, we climbed to the surface, Apocamus carrying his grandmother as gently as possible.
Once we went back to the camp, in that circle she loved so much, we tried to heal her; but her wounds were far too severe and her seed of life faded away and extinguished. I hope at least that she will have felt, in the arms of her grandson, the affection that we all carry carried for her.

Her final quest will not be in vain, it's a Ranger's promise! We will find out which creature took her away from us; and I have no doubt that, over the differences that divide them, homins will unite once again for this. That is the greatest tribute we can pay to her!

Orphie's Death.

一━══ ⧼⧽ ══━一

— Excerpt from "Memoirs of a seasoned ranger", by Do'ro Thee


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