[Fyros] The lost expedition (2021/04/25)

They had returned Kynla's son to his mother, but the absence of the other members of the expedition weighed on the hearts of the homins present.

"Some homins... some red-eyed homins took them," Peophan had said, unable to remember more.

Haokan had fought an urge to shake the boy to jog his memory. He knew well that when someone experiences a shock, the memory takes its toll, and Peophan was a victim above all: it is not a good way to shake him to make him talk. But the zoraï thought of the other Water Breakers, kidnapped who knows where, for who knows what dark purpose, and this thought cracked his usual melancholy to give way to the rage that always smelled deep inside him.

And then there were not only the Water Breakers. The leader of the Root Tappers had said that they too had missing people in their ranks.

This was not tolerable.

The priority had been to bring back the survivor. After that, the homins were exhausted from the trip to the Primes and back, and they reluctantly parted ways: you fight better when you're fit, and you investigate better too. But every hour that passed was criminal: homins were suffering, somewhere.

At first everyone thought of the Slavers: they were known for this kind of practice. But after thinking about it, it was probably not the best lead: they were far away and their usual prey was the trykers, not the fyros.

Excalibur had noted that only fyros naturally had red eyes. This had raised a great deal of concern among the hominists present, but it was true: no tryker, matis or zorai with red eyes had ever been seen. However, this was not the first thing one noticed about people. Later, the head of Purple Sap suggested that a drug could give these "red" eyes. Unfortunately, they didn't know what Peophan had really seen and how to interpret this meager clue...

Perhaps the drug was a clue. They had found the fyros tied up in the Cooky's Cranks camp, which was much stronger than usual, according to the homins who used to fight them. And the Under Springs also reached the Knot of Dementia, where there was a tribe of notorious drug addicts, known for kidnapping homins. Besides, Haokan was ready to go and ravage several tribes in the Witherings until he found where the Water Breakers were being held.

But maybe not alone... and maybe there were other way to explore.

He made a detour to Fairhaven, while he had several posters printed, which he went to post in the nations' cities :

We will not abandon the fyros taken from the Under Springs. We will turn the Bark over until we find them.
Let us meet on 5h - Holeth, Harvestor 24, 2nd AC 2613 in the Water Breaker camp at the Oflovak's Oasis to make a plan of action. Equip yourselves for war, because words will be followed by action."[b]
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