[Fyros] The lost expedition (2021/04/25)

[Fyros] The lost expedition

Boeseus Xalon was normally a respected leader, but here he was keeping his head down in front of Kynla Kridix's fury. A worried fyros mother could be worse than an enraged varinx.
"It is long overdue for the expedition to return, Boeseus!
- Yes! I know, Kynla! But the forage team left with our best warrior and Pemoseus who commands them is not on his first expedition to Under Spring. There was no reason to prevent your son from joining them. He has to grow up in the end!
- Maybe, but only if he comes back alive! So right now, what are you going to do?"
Boeseus bowed his head in defeat. It was indeed necessary to go and find the members of the expedition. Help from the Patriots would be welcome.
Poster in Pyr's Agora
Oren pyr Patriots,
We have no news from a forage expedition that went to Under Spring.
We are calling on the honor of the Patriots to search for them.
Meet me in my tribe at Oflovak's Oasis on 5h - Holeth, Winderly 24, 2nd AC 2613(*). I will explain everything to you.

Boeseus Xalon,
Chief of Water Breakers

* [OOC] On Sunday, 25 April 19:00:00 UTC (3 months ago).[/OOC]
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