[Event for all] Refugees' Days 2613 (March - April 2021)

Home page says 4.5 hours to go in this event.

This page says 19.5 hours to go in this event.

Will the cook be staying around to let us catch up on the original 10 hour cooldown ?  The chamge to 2 hours helps, but even if IG 12 hours, thats only 6 turn ins ... and seems most players who particpated still have over 1,000 steaks to turn in.

EDIT:   Answer From Tamarea:

After event end, we can turn in leftover steaks into a barrel that will be left till the end of the month.


As this is a considerable effort ... and will take some time to script, details on when the barrel will appear will be forthcoming from Ryzom Team.


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