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j'ai testé avec un laptop équipé d'un touchscreen il y a quelques mois.
c’était utilisable pour pointer une cible ou bouger la caméra.

l’expérience était sympa, mais de la à remplacer une souris, il y a un gouffre :)

Yes, it really is hard to replace a mouse for tasks that are designed for a mouse. It's a bit easier when you have a game that can use a controller, but I have yet to see a controller with enough buttons to even handle the action bar, let alone all of the macros I use.
I believe it's for like windows laptops with touch screen, so you could use it without mouse, but you will still need a keyboard pretty sure.

Barring some form of neural interface, I simply cannot imagine any way Ryzom could be played without a keyboard, or at least a gamepad like a Razer Nostromo/Orbweaver that acts like one.


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