[Event for all] Refugees' Days 2613 (March - April 2021)

Refugees' Puzzle

The Gubunnies take turns distributing a shookilat egg to each of the tribes all over Atys, Prime Roots included. Inside each egg, you can find one of the sixty fragments of a picture. It's up to you to try to rebuilt it!

Game rule: Click on the small egg that appears randomly in a tribe every half hour to get a picture fragment. The found fragments are gathered in a special personal window, where the image is completed as you go along with your findings.

The little egg stays in game for 20 minutes and then reappears in another tribe after ten minutes, carrying a new random fragment. You can find out when and where a little egg is in play by clicking on the "Dynamic Events" icon of the map.
Rewards: Basic tokens for each small egg found, choice tokens for each new fragment found, and excellent tokens for each picture completed.
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