[Rangers] Funeral ceremony of Orphie Dradius (2021/04/18)

[Rangers] Funeral ceremony of Orphie Dradius (2021/04/18)

Some gloomy-looking rangers were posting notices in all the popular places.
Rangers, friends of the Rangers,
We have to accompany Orphie for the last time.
Meet us on 7h - Prima, Fallenor 7, 1st AC 2613(*) at the Ranger Circle, in Almati Wood.
In accordance with the Fyros rite, a funeral pyre will be set up and we will scatter her ashes.
You will all be encouraged to say a few words, if you wish.

Melga Folgore and Apocamus Dradius

* [OOC] On Sunday, 18 April 19:00:00 UTC (4 weeks ago).[/OOC]
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