[Fyros] A small thing (2021/02/28)

While running, Xinna Cekaps thought that, finally, this hunt in the region of Under Spring was not a good idea. But the portal was not far away.
She rushed through it, eager to reach the tranquility of her beloved desert.

Once past, she walked a few steps before jumping at the sound of a roar and turning suddenly towards the portal.
"Disaster! They followed me through the portal!"
Without even thinking, she activated an acceleration spell and ran to Dyron for help.
These monsters could devastate everything! The desert had to be cleared of them.
But it would be a small thing to do with the help of the Patriots!

[OOC] Xinna Cekaps will ask for the help of the Patriots and of all the friends of the Empire that she will find at the stables of Dyron the Sunday, 28 February 20:00:00 UTC (7 months ago). [/OOC]
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