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I am trying to setup a local server for just my friends and I to play on, and I am running into some problems.

I followed the "Everything Server Ubuntu" guide that is located here ... rything+Server+Ubuntu

It was really outdated, but I after some trial and error I did manage to get a server up and running, inside a VirtualBox VM.

It appears to be working okay, but how do I connect a client to it?

I am on Windows 10, and I downloaded the official client from here ...

But I don't see any way to configure it to connect to a local server. I did some digging and found the following configuration file ...


And I see these settings ...

Application = { "ryzom_live", "./client_ryzom_r.exe", "./" };
BackgroundDownloader = 0;
StartupHost = "";
StartupPage = "/login/r2_login.php";
StartupVerify = 1;

I tried changing "StartupHost" to my VM's IP, and it didn't seem to do anything. I then went through a bit of the source code on Github, and it looks like "ryzom_live" is what changes the server it connects to... but how do I change it to connect to a specific IP address/port?

I tried replacing "ryzom_live" with my VM's IP address (also tried a IP/port combo) and restarted the client, and that just gave me an error about not being able to connect. I tried mapping some of the official URLs like "" and "" to my IP using the Hosts file in Windows, and got other errors.

Should I be doing things a different way? Any help would be greatly appreciated :) The documentation appears to be very outdated and a lot of links point to a "" domain that is hidden behind a login page.

Thank you!
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