Patch 847 2021-02-11

PATCH 847 - Additional explanations


  • The Nexus missions are temporarily unavailable. The speed of arrival of the fix will depend on the number of liters of coffee you send to the Dev.
  • A title display bug has appeared. The Dev is waiting for you to decipher the hieroglyphics before correcting it. ;)

Marauder gameplay

  • The new drill is visually a marauder but does not yet drill marauder OP material, this will be added in another patch. In the meantime, it is visibly succeeding in diverting OP material from the Powers incognito.

Mysterious OP at the Nexus

  • Four new outposts have appeared at the Nexus. They are outposts without any roleplay connotation which, once activated, will be used to carry out the tests of the "OP refactoring" project in real conditions. The participants in these live tests will all be rewarded.


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