PVP or not PVP

I don't get where the two thoughts of "we want more PvP" and "let's split the player base" can be reconciled and will lead to more PvP anywhere and in any way.Further, Ryzom has introduced the roleplay PvP flags. Flagged appropriately, you are available and subject to PvP in all places on Atys anytime. So those players you like to target with your idea, can already realize that without the introduction of a special PvP server.
Even without the RP flags, there's a number of interesting PvP regions on Atys. It's not that they are empty. I see people fight there. I was attacked myself - without looking for a fight. So, non-consenual PvP is possible[*]. Go there and do your PvP there - it's not incredibly difficult.[*] Mind, the non-consensual PvP is the only thing you really gain by making PvP available anywhere unconditionally, thus improving the harrassment potential. Consensual PvP is available anytime anywhere for ages.


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