Guide to Broken / Possibly Broken Missions - (100 - 150)

Back before we had Daily Missions, I recall seeing a mission ID display for the regular missions you get from NPCs. The mission ID is something that should be displayed in the Missions window for every mission. Otherwise you'll never get any decent bug feedback from the players.

For a long time I quit bothering with any missions; too many of them were/are buggy.

I think I've done less that a dozen Daily Missions since the feature was added ... I really don't care for the way it works and the name makes it sound like a required task.

One major problem is that there is no bug tracking system (at least none visible to the players). Trying to report and keep track of bugs via forums and messages just doesn't cut it. To encourage players to even report bugs, they need to be able to see what bugs have been reported, their status and their resolution. Otherwise it looks like we're talking to a big empty void and we start to wonder what's the point...



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