[Rangers] Ultimate quest (2021/02/11)

Three weeks! Three weeks had gone by, and still no news!
But even before that, Orphie had seemed... different. Lost in her thoughts, not leaving her office.
She had allowed in only rare visitors, including a couple of unknown homins.
And when, at last, she had got out, that had been to ask for something to be readied for her to depart to the kitin's lair of Almati Wood. Alone.
Apocamus had stormed, shouted, argued, cajoled, trying by force and kindness to convince her not to undertake such a journey alone. But she had had the last word and appointed Melga Folgore to replace her during her absence, which, she had assured, would not last more than two weeks.
And three weeks had gone by.
Wide spread poster
Rangers, friends of the Rangers,
The hour is serious!
Orphie Dradius is reported missing during a mission in the kitins' lair of Almati Wood
A rescue expedition will leave on 14h - Tria, Mystia 15, 1st AC 2612(*) from the Ranger Circle.
We invite all the volunteers to come and lend it their support.

Apocamus Dradius,
Veteran Ranger

[OOC] (*) On Thursday, 11 February 2021 20:00:00 UTC (3 years ago). [/OOC]
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