[zorai] Black Circle's stocks (2021/01/21)

Len Fai-Cu was listening carefully to the recommendations of the Great Mask. Of course, he was indeed the one who had found this camp and this machine, but to be chosen, he, a former member of the Masters of the Goo, to lead this expedition, was an honor he had never imagined he would receive. He intended to carry out his mission to a happy end.
Sap would be proud.
"... don't forget that the goal is the destruction of this device. We tolerate the Black Circle and its studies, but Ba'Wity Codgan has obviously crossed the bounds of this tolerance. I'm counting on you. Here are the posters to put up everywhere."
Initiates and friends of the theocracy,
Meet Len Fai-Cu at the Min-Cho stables on 2h - Quarta, Mystia 10, 4th AC 2611(*).
The Black Circle must realize that certain doings are not tolerable.

Mabreka Cho

[HRP] * On Thursday, 21 January 20:00:00 UTC (1 month ago). [/HRP]
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