Patch 837 (2020.12.30)

Patch 837

Patch 837 has been put online on December 13, 2020.

It allowed the introduction of the following changes, which are being implemented today (30/12/2020):

Improvement of the interface

    – The icons representing materials (dug or looted ones) now display their quality through stars (like those of the armors do).

    – The icons of the basic materials do not show any stars.

    – The icons for fine materials show one star, the icons for choice materials show two, the icons for excellent materials show three, and the icons for supreme materials show four.

Modification of the Use your Elyps services

    – Rewards and Services menu has replaced Use your Elyps.

    – The stable boy is be the first to offer a Rewards menu; he offers Gubani mounts against items obtained by playing the Wheel (unchanged principle) and Gnoof mounts against an item obtained by success in achievement of The Nexus Wealth mission. The purpose of this addition is to allow a better visibility of the rewards that can be obtained and the items needed.

Animal renaming services offered by capital city stable boys

    – Options for renaming animals have been simplified and improved.

    – Each option will display a confirmation of the chosen name (or option). The purchase will only take effect once this confirmation is given.

    – It is no longer possible to rename an animal with the name of its owner, but this option is replaced by the equivalent title.

Ability to give a title to your pet. Three titles are currently available but others will come to complete this list.

    – [Animal] of [Owner] (example: Ulukyn's Mount)

    – Gift from [Owner] (example: Gift from Ulukyn)

    – Loyal companion

Animal grazing service offered by capital city stable boys

    – It is possible to send one of your zigs or your mount to a distant pasture. The grazing animal and its inventory are no longer accessible or visible.

    – Putting an animal on pasture does not cause the contents of its inventory to be lost. If a mount is sent to pasture and another is bought or obtained, the contents of its inventory will be moved and accessible on the new mount.

    – The goal is to be able to own several mounts of different appearance and to be able to easily choose which one to show off on.

    – Packers cannot be put out to pasture.

    – Only three animals can be grazed at the same time.

    – The price of transport to or from the pasture is payable in elyps and this is not necessarily cheap.

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!

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