OOC Event - Bunny Hunt Challenge (Desert / Jungle)

November NPC Challenge

Working on Jungle NPCs .... process is:

1.  Set categories for all In Game mapped NPCs to Citizen or Tribe as appropriate.

2.  Take a mission from all wandering mission giving NPC and don't complete ... follow the blue flags and just run around the region looking for white dots (Hawkers) and scroll icons (mission givers) on compass through four seasons.

3.  Check BM and Silenda for previously known locations (yellow flags) which have not been flagged, place on IG map w/ Yellow color.

4.  Try and see when the blue flags are close to the yellow flags.

5.  At this point, Bunny Challenge is issued:

The Void: Started with 6, 2 to go:

EDIT: All have been feound except for Eveneye and Fai-Cu Len, Hunter, Masters of the Goo NW of Masters of the Goo Camp

Grove of Umbra: Started with 10, 3 have been found / 7 to go:

Update: Both missing NPCs at Underway Arch Stronghold have been found.

November Prizes:

For 1st NPC ya bring FF to so he can flag:
100,000 Dappers + One (1) Q200 Rubbarn Tool of ya choice

For 2nd NPC ya bring FF to so he can flag:
200,000 Dappers + Two (2) Q200 Rubbarn Tools of ya choice

For 3rd NPC ya bring FF to so he can flag:
300,000 Dappers + Three (3) Q200 Rubbarn Tools of ya choice

Thats a full set of the (6) tools

For most unflagged NPCs found in Grove of Umbra:
QL 250 LA (4 x +125) + 165 HP

For most unflagged NPCs found in Void:
QL 250 MA ... 5 x +125 HP

Note:  Some of the yellow flagged NPCs do not appear to exist anymore ... One example is "Eveneye" in Void.  Some of flagged locations may not exist enymore or perhps they were flagged in transit and are not actual "flagable" spots cause they  don't "stop and stay a while".

BTW, if ya wanna use a macro to find NPCs in a specific region, you can use the following as a model:


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