Anlor Winn 2020: Detailed program

Anlor Winn whistles around the homins gathered around a fire. It listens to the scary stories and doesn't think to run its scythe on the heads within its reach.
But beware, if it doesn't hear enough stories, its fury will be raging like never before!

Come to the village and appease Anlor Winn by telling scary stories or simply by supporting the storytellers, on Sunday, 1 November 2020 20:00:00 UTC (11 months ago)!

You will find Anlor Winn Village in Almati Woods.
The players that are still in the starting area are very welcome. They will find a teleport to Anlor Winn Village, just down Chiang the Strong's Hill.

Muah ah ah ah...

Listen to the cursed laughter of Anlor Winn!

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