Patch 834 (2020.09.21)

Patch 834

A client, data and server patch and a restart of the game server are done on September 21st, 2020 in order to implement the following changes, additions and fixes:

Added friend list groups

  • Addition done following this player idea: 3#13
  • Right-click on friend, change group - Allows the creation of named groups for some friends.
  • Friends are sorted alphabetically by group name first (if any exist) and inside the group will still be sorted like before by one of the three options (online status, alphabetically, or the time when they were added).
  • Every group can be collapsed/expanded on its own (including the General group, which contains all friends without group). To move a friend back to General group/remove the group, move it to a group with name General or empty group name. If the user creates no groups, the friend list should look the same as before.
  • The groups are only stored locally in a file in the save/ folder, so when moving computers etc. they won't be automatically migrated.


Fixed compatibility for moving item groups from and to Zigs

  • Addition done following these player ideas: #3 and #4 
  • Item groups now works with Zigs: Both by macro and directly on the dropdown menu of an item that is in a group you are able to move the group to a Zig, or from a Zig to another inventory.
  • Added option to show translation as a tooltip and non-translated as default in chat
  • The option can be found in Configuration -> Interface -> Chat -> Display by default original messages and the translated version in a tooltip. When activated, the chat shows the original, non-translated text message, and show the translated message when hovering the language flag at the start of the message. When deactivated the chat works like before, with translated message by default and original message on hover.


Added second action bar is now editable like the main one

  • The action slots on the second shortcut/action bar behaves the same as the ones on the main one for empty slots creating or pasting actions, for occupied ones editing, executing, cutting, copying and deleting. Both action bars are still just mirrors of the other one though. Drag-and-drop as well as copy/pasting also works between first and second action bar.
  • Added a message to prevent player to free an animal if the inventory is not empty


Improvements in guild window

  • Add display current online members
  • Fixed the invite button
  • Remove the broken headquarters Information


Bulk display in all inventories should be correct now if having more than 250 items in bag

  • Before if one had a lot of items (since one can have up to 500) the yellow bulk bar in inventory only showed about half of what it should actually be at.


Fixed Player/guild room buy dialog price


The two zigs Ari and Tynee are now making a long walk in Silan's camp


Fixed Abyss of Ichor, aligning map to region coordinates


Fixed link displaying untranslated message in RyzomChat multilingual channels.


The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!


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