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i don't think anyone dragged this horse longer and farther then i have, and i'd highly doubt it will ever happen. i support the upgrading of guild hall and player apt storage 110%.
i belive i offered several ways it could be done, come to think of it, i offered tons of ideas, some have come to pass (amazing and cool, credit for making some kind of progress) and many others have not...

for player based storage directly linked to the toon: NO CHANGE
for player based sotrage of apartment/home: dapper buyable perm upgrade
for guild based storage: dapper buyable perm upgrade

anything less will not prevent alt creation for storage reasons; i know players that have accounts in the double digits, that's accounts, not toons (each account had 5 toons) and many of these accounts are strickly for storage.

any upgrade to storage of guild and apartment will not bennifit f2p players in anyway because that storage is not open to them anyway, they're limited to only a mount (unless that's changed, which i doubt).

as for horders: it's a game people, they (wg) won't make a merchant that sells all the mats (rendering hording and horders obsolete the moment they did should they create one someday)....

i digress and go silent again.


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