[Zorai] The seasons of Season

Mabreka was watching the batao.
In spite of the years that had elapsed, he could not contemplate one without thinking of his friend Season. He saw, as if they had been there, in front of him, the Kami and Season conversing. He could hear his friend's voice, clear in his youth, ask, "What knowledge do I need to acquire to raise myself to Ma-Duk?" and the Kami's answer: "The batao is shedding its flowers. Tomorrow Atys will be huddled in the winter. ┬╗
It had taken Season a whole year of meditation, four atysian cycles, to completely measure the depth of these few words, but Mabreka had no doubt that he had managed to take all the seasons of Atys for himself.
So why this threat now? But was it really a threat?
Was not the Great Maker thereby making a sign to his disciples?
He still had to meditate and listen to the two scientists. The Initiates and Awakened could help him to better understand.
Poster on the walls of the Zoraï cities

Awakened, Initiates, Friends of Theocracy, Ambassadors, I invite you to an exceptional Assembly of the Circles on 5h - Tria, Frutor 21, 4th AC 2609*, dedicated to the events that took place in the Nexus region.
Two scientists from the FISHES Society will come to talk to us about these events and their possible consequences.
Action in the Nexus will most likely be necessary: come with the appropriate equipment.

Ma Kwai

* [OOC] On , 28 August 2020 19:00:00 UTC (2 years ago)[/OOC]
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