OOC Event - Bunny Hunt Challenge (Desert / Jungle)


Bunny Tools Maps and Landmarks Editor (for Windows) has now been released in Beta and undergoing testing.  The test version includes only Desert NPCs; so far, as far as we know, it has about 25% more NPC locations than are available from existing sources.

As part of the August Bunny Challenge, there are about 42  28 NPC locations that appear on other sources (BM, Silenda, etc.) which have not been confirmed.    If you can confirm any of the ? name in the image below, you can win cash (dapper) rewards.

100,000 Dappers for 1st find
200,000 Dappers for 2nd find
300,000 Dappers for 3rd find
400,000 Dappers for 4th find
500,000 Dappers for 5th find ... that's about all i can afford :)

OK, no more posting images after this ....

From now on, you can simply use the app to see what rewards are still on the table.  Pick desert in the 1st drop down, type ? in the search window, and there's a map of your targets.  Find an NPC at that location, grab a Bunny to make a flag and you win.   Rules:

1.  Flags are "approximate" and NPCs can easily be found on compass within a 250m radus.  To qualify as "new", there can not be an existing flag for that NPC wihin 250m.

2.  Database is updated daily.  Stay current.

3.  Contest resets at midnite EST

4.  The NPC "Basilius Merlinus" is not missing, he doesnt have a title so he is represented with a ? which is the symbol used for missing NPCs... so just ignoire him, he located already and doesn't move

Have fun !

EDIT:  August Event has Closed ... 3 missing NPCs were found.


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