[Matis] Court of the Karae (2020-08-02)

Medis 18th, 2609-3 - Report to Tamiela Karae
Your Majesty,

I come here to give you an account of the action taken in response to the appeal you made to Your Court after the unfortunate episode that dramatically concluded its last meeting. Namely, to search for the felonious Yrkanis guard who, after having knocked her down by surprise, had just stolen from Chiaera Cuirinia a sachet of the seeds of the Plant Barrier… Seeds on which the Royal Botanist is, in turn, carrying out the experiments undertaken by her predecessor today… disappeared (I insist).

I am therefore glad to inform you that the traitor in question could be located, within the hour following your call to hunt him down, in front of the gate of our capital where, drived in a corner by the Alkiën and the Masteress of Arms, he suddenly (as Ciccio Perinia once did) made a gigantic, over-powerful psykopla spring from the bark, girdled with less imposing but just as malevolent congeners: the criminal knew perfectly which seeds to steal and how to manipulate them! While those present, once past a moment of stupefaction, victoriously retaliated to the attacks of the monstrous plants, the homin took advantage of the respite to flee to the west… before, Jena be praised, being again surrounded by a ten or so of his strongest pursuers.

No threat, alas, having been able to make him spit out the names of his sponsors, Dame Baeline, Ser Nathanel and nya heren Ser Tapco had no choice but to cause the infamous traitor to perish under their blows… and see him at once raised and teleported to a safe place by the Powers.

Deles necat, Na-Karae, e Matis Aiye !
Nilstilar Thorec
Bohorën of Alkiane
His Majesty's Ambassador to the Federation of Naw Trykoth


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