[Ranger event] An old archive (2020-08-09)

The young Ranger archivist released a group of messenger izams. They all carried the same message:
Dear Rangers,
I have made a surprising and mysterious discovery in our archives… or should I say, in those of Orphie Dradius. As you may have guessed, the reason I have access to these documents is that I am an archivist: small and discreet but overseeing everything, and, above all, conscientious in my work. So I asked my colleagues if they had ever seen such a document and they all answered in the negative. As that disappointed me a bit, I had the idea of calling on you, Ranger brothers and sisters!

Your mission is simple my friends: help me decipher the attached illustration, which I feel is important. At least enough to find its way into the archives of Orphie (*)!

Let's meet on 17h - Quarta, Fallenor 16, 3rd AC 2609 (**) at the Ranger Camp of Almati Wood to compile all our discoveries! I'm counting on you!

Erin Mac'Cartlann

(*) [OOC] Your ability to correctly decipher this image will affect the unfolding of the event, in 6 days. [/OOC]
(**) [OOC] On Sunday, 9 August 19:00:00 UTC (2 months ago) [/OOC]

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