2D like client for Ryzom Based on the ryzom compass and map.

If the graphics aren't made with 3Dmax there is no need for conversion of licence.
But it is made. And it does not need to convert its licence, it needs to be converted from the proprietary format objects are stored in.

Also There are many graphics currently made on open game art.
True, but you see things too easy. To use what is available for a specific implementation leads to either a situation when it is totally not consistent it style, color, quality and type of graphics or to a need of many additional work on graphics.

As Heernis says
Wenn jemand das in seiner Freizeit realisieren will, und findet, dass ein 2D Client ein wertvolle Bereicherung zu dem Spiel ist, stehen ihm die Türen offen.
however the Ryzom Team itself has absolutely no resources for such project.
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