2D like client for Ryzom Based on the ryzom compass and map.

Heernis Says translated from deepl

Even if it would be possible from a theoretical point of view, one simply has to consider the following:

1) The graphics have to be almost completely recreated (the graphics were created with 3ds Max, which also requires an expensive license for the conversion), as well as all the rest. Which also means that you would need more developers to do it. I think the NEL engine is not made for 2D, so you have to modify and extend the engine yourself.
2) There is no or not much demand and since Ryzom is a profit oriented company with Publisher Winchgate, I don't think that this is even remotely pursued.
3) The client is completely open source. If someone wants to realize this in their spare time and finds that a 2D client is a valuable addition to the game, the doors are open to them.

Since a 2D client requires you to rebuild almost everything anyway, it would certainly make more sense to fill an offline game with all the riches of the world from Ryzom. There are plenty of ways to create 2D RPGs. Godot or GDevelop would be 2 ways to do it.

I am looking forward to the first alpha version of your 2D game :-)
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