(Player Event) Atys 2020 Tournament (august 23)

I'm happy to inform you that the Tournament is taking shape! See highlights on the flyer above and more details below.

  • Date: August 23
  • Time:7:00 pm UTC
  • Location: Matis Arena
  • Challenge: 1v1 & 2v2
Registration is open!
> To register, contact me in game via private chat or by sending me a mail at Tarka before August 14.

- Fee: 1M Dappers & Free for F2P players.
- Prerequisites: Being able to wear either Q250 or Q120 equipment.

*Prizes to win!

- Each participant can keep the equipment provided by the tournament!
- In addition, each winner will receive 1M dappers + an amplifier Maga + a title for the tournament valid for a full year.
- A Marauder helmet + a Gubani mount are also available to win!

- Pools are based on the quality of equipment that the participant can wear.
- 1v1 & 2v2 battles will be split into 2 pools: Q250 & Q120.

- All equipment will be provided by the guild "Grave of The Fireflies" and donors.
- For each participant, the equipment will be crafted exclusively in Q250 or Q120.
- Each participant will get a set of jewels + a pair of amplifiers.
- Each participant can choose ONE combat weapon (for example: Two hand axe, one hand sword with shield, two daggers, etc.). Range weapons are not allowed.
- Each participant can choose his/her set of armor (for example: Heavy armor, medium armor, light armor or a mix of those.).

- During the battle, the participants must remain in the arena.
- Easter eggs and potions are not allowed.
- Since the equipment will be provided, any personal items will not be allowed during the battles.
- In the scenario of a tie, an extra battle will define the winner.

- About 2 hours

- If you participate, the day of the event, make sure to arrive a half hour early and to leave enough room in your inventory to carry our equipment.

Good luck and have fun!!
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