2D like client for Ryzom Based on the ryzom compass and map.

I have a idea for Ryzom that will allow players with sensitivity to light to play ryzom. Atys is a beautiful world its true. its graphics however limit some people to not be part of it. This is something I believe can change to include more people in this amazing world. We take for granted we can see such amazing things without harm. For many this game could be enjoyable without these features. Those who like role-play or to read the lore for the sake of embracing a reality that takes them away from their problems can understand this. It can be enjoyable as text alone. with making a 2d client based on pure pixels striping all unneeded graphics.

I'd like to add I think using flat shaders instead of realsitic texture on the current 3d files would reduce overhead and sprighten up the look of the game in general.
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