Reinforced Vigilance plan

Miaccia Chiazzo, Captain of the Yrkanis Guard, Commander of the Royal Guards was waving an already crumpled missive under Antoero Antorini's nose. The displeasure that darkened her face was so obvious that the guard avoided staring at her.
- There's nothing more you can tell me? You didn't even pay attention to the guards around you? The passers-by?
- The situation seemed to be under control, Serae.
- And now this traitor, if he exists, will be on guard. And I'll have to explain myself to Karan.
The Captain started circling the guard, thinking aloud: I have to protect the Subjects, it's my first duty, then I'll find this traitor, no one's going to make me look incompetent...

She ends up standing in front of the guard to ruthlessly confront him:
- Very good. For the time being, you're assigned to this investigation. Write down anything suspicious during your shifts. I will propose a security plan to the Karan. Dismissed!
Reinforced Vigilance Plan addressed to Karan

Odious marauders have recently annoyed Your Subjects and spread gossip about the probity of the guards You've put me in charge of.
I have, of course, already initiated an internal investigation, but I do not expect it to be concluded quickly. However, the protection of your Subjects cannot and must not wait. Therefore, I have also implemented without delay a Reinforced Vigilance plan to which all Subjects can now directly appeal.
Thus, at the slightest report, the guards will be mobilized and any potential enemy* will be attacked on sight.
During the next Assembly of Nobles that Your Majesty will no doubt want to organize to take advice on this matter, I will detail the initial results of the plan put in place so that Your Majesty can decide whether or not it should be continued or even perpetuated.

I remain, Your Majesty, your most loyal Subject.

Miaccia Chiazzo
Captain of the Yrkanis Guard
Commander of the Royal Guards

[HRP] * Any person whose reputation among matis is less than - 40.

The full Reinforced Vigilance Plan feature is available. [/HRP]
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