Reinforced Vigilance plan

This Saturday, June 27, 2020, we are setting up a measure to strengthen, for a limited and renewable period of time, the capacity of city and village guards to react to the presence of players with a bad reputation with their nation.
This first version is put into service in the towns and villages of the Majestic Garden. Depending on your feedbacks, it may be extended to other nations.
A gong will be placed near the main teleport in each city, which any player can ring*.
At the sound of the gong, the guards will instantly go into Reinforced Vigilance mode, signalled by torches burning around the gongs, for a duration of 10 hours**. During this period, the guards will have the mission of attacking any player whose reputation in their nation is less than -40 and whose presence they detect (from further away than usual).

We look forward to your feedback and comments in this thread.

We wish you a good game and remain at your disposal.
The Ryzom team.
* This action may require some elyps in the future.
** 30 minutes of play, duration adaptable according to your feedback.
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