OOC Event - Bunny Hunt Challenge (Desert / Jungle)

Can you find the following Mission Materials in Scorched Corridor ? Provide the location of any of the following Mission Mats and be rewarded 250,000 dappers per undiscovered location.

That's up to 6,250,000 ..... 5,750,000

01 - Dried Dandelion (Out of Season in Spring)
02 - Dried Flower Petal
03 - Dry Bark
04 - Dry Wood
05 - Fresh Flower Petal
06 - Fresh Kitin Cocoon
07 - Fresh Resin
08 - Fresh Wood
09 - Giant Pearly Shell  (In Tunnel Hounds Camp)
10 - Golden Fish Scale
11 - Green Pigment
12 - Large Bud
13 - Large Pearl  (Across from Kami TP)
14 - Large Pearly Shell
15 - 2nd Rotting Fiber
16 - Silvery Fish Scale
17 - Small Pearl
18 - 2nd Small Pearly Shell
19 - Small Plant Fossil (Out of Season in Spring)
20 - Small Reed Leaf
21 - Small Thorn
22 - Spicy Aromatic Plant
23 - Spider Silk
24 - Worm Silk
25 - Yellow Pigment

1st Small Pearly Shell is across from Ash Gorge against wall
1st Rotting Fiber is also across from Ash Gorge against wall


1. We know that not all Mission Mats can be found in each Region.

2. If it's not on that list, then it's been found. If it's not on the List, then it may exist or may not exist. At this point, unknown.

3. Once found and reported, the reward will be issued, material crossed off list and winner name listed.

4. FB members may participate but are not eligible for dapper rewards ... but you will be excused from GH chores for week.

5. If folks find it fun, may do another region or other (NPCs) type of challenge.

Extending the Bunny Challenge to 7 SC NPCs Bounty = 1,750,000  1,250,000

Be'Lauppy Jidgen is a Prospector for the Scorchers Tribe ... I have found 2 locations at which he can be found.  Reportedly there is a 3rd just down the cliff into scorched corridor ... can you find him ?

Apolaus Abygrian is a Hawker ... I have found 2 locations at which he can be found.  Reportedly there is a 3rdup at the top of the ramp down into Scorched Corridor into scorched corridor ... can you find him ?

Aetis Abygrian is a Hunter ... I have found 7 locations at which he can be found.  Reportedly there are 2 more locations ... can you find him ?
  • North of Green River in SC north and east of guard camp
  • Down cliff into SC. east of Flaming Forest, just south of OC Border
  • Down the cliff into SC just under the westernmost point in Savage Dunes

Finally there are two remaing residents of Scorced Corridor from ancient times, that may have been event related.   Monolooky is was down in Secret Kami Oasis Area and then Scolding Rain, just south of the western tip of the Green River.

As above, 250,000 dapper reward for finding / introducing me to each these guys.  Whomever find the most, gets an extra 250k.  Remember, the NPCs have as many as 8 different places that they are known to hang out ... we are looking for the missing positions that they can be found.  If they have 8 hangouts and 7 have already been found ... the reward is for finding the 1 that hasn't been found yet.




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