Zig et groupe d'objets - Zig and groups


I have a group of objects * created (light armor and amp - see Outfit commands below), the light armor is in a zig's Inventory (near me, I can access the Zig's inventory). I am talking about Zig (not Mount Mektoub orĀ Packer - the little Gubani/Frippo Zig, who can go throught vortex with us, TP with us... that we won using the Wheel of Fortune).
See ng

There is a command that appears in the menu (right click on a LA piece in the zig), for the group: equip and move (to bag), but they don't work.

Image (sorry, in French) of the menu to move/equip the group of objects

So I have to move, piece by piece, from the zig to my bag to equip the LA.On FR Uni, I asked the question 'youy too'? An homin answered YES, an other one NO (perhaps the question was not very clear?). So I am going to ask to homins...

(if, for the majority oh homins, it's like for me, ie KO:) Would it be possible that groups of objects work with our zigs?

Thank you.

I talk about object groups such inĀ

/listGroup, /moveGroup <OutfitGroupName> <pet_animal1> or <player_room>, /equipGroup <OutfitGroupName> ....


Further check (for information, optional - to finish the writting of )

Notes: for me what is ok or not (KO)

  • mektoub (Mount or Packer)-> my bag (mektoub outside or insite stable): ok
  • my bag -> mektoub (Mount or Packer, outside or insite stable) : ok
  • my bag -> GH and GH-> my bag: KO
  • my bag -> zig and zig-> my bag: KO

When I take the zig out of my bag in GH: it works, but it's not visible (the zig is invisible)

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