Group Friends in Friendlist

in emails, contacts have tags - I use them to try to remem who is French, English etc...

I would love to see contacts (in emails) and frient list "unified"...

Moreover, in P, we have the biographie stuff (in INFO tab), I think it's quite unexploited. So, if we could have a link to our friends bio ...

(dreaming) immagine, if, each of us, in our P / INFO would write (or select in some fields for languages) added in here (in P/INFO) :

  • our main language, then other languages spoken
  • our guild name
  • rank in guild
  • nation/faction
  • a short bio
  • some link to a post on forum or on wiki

Image of INFO on 6-07.png

Contact in emails ts_2020-05-04.png 6-07.png

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