Story time at Dante with Syndicate Part 2

Virg: "Elvanae couldn't step outside in the sun, for her skin would burn. So she sent Virg, the devilish good-looking tanned Tryker, out to get some food."

Marikka: "I think this is the wrong storybook? I believe Elvy was reading..."

*Virg ignored Marikka's comment and continues*

Virg: " One day, she explicitly asked Virg to pick up some Shooki oil for cooking..."

Virg: "However, when Virg stumbled in 4 hours later, smelling of Shooki rum...Well, Elvanae looked at her dusty, unused ladle and suddenly found a use for it."

And ever since that day, Virg has never mixed his Shooki rum up with his Shooki oil.

The End

*Legal stuff: No Trykers were harmed in the making of this story*



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