Hommage à Kythqaaa

Kythqaaa is gone, died from Covid 19, during the night on march, 22th.

All homins are invited to a ceremony to accompany him on his final journey towards the Canopy.

On fructor 17, CA4 2607, 5h (OOC: Friday, 3 April 2020 19:00:00 UTC (4 years ago)), at Fairhaven Entrance, near the Karavan teleport. We will then move to the beach.

Come, if possible, with some fireworks (we will have some for you if needed : just ask KiwaLie ou Craftjenn for them), and dressed in black, his favorite color.

Kiwa Lie and Craftjenn,

The Cercle du Bois d'Almati Guild
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