[Player Event] ShadoWalkers' Trial of prowess!

Hello Atysians!

Let’s shake things up here!

We are launching an Atyswide PvP Championship to find and crown the best fighter amongst us! (and have fun during RL Quarantine).

Date*: 1h - Quarta, Medis 22, 4th AC 2607
Place: Silan Arena!

Mandatory pre-registration until 1h - Dua, Medis 2, 4th AC 2607 ** by Izam-Mail Bonfante(Atys) informing: Name and members of your team.


2-Homin teams
A maximum of 50 Sap Crystals q500*** per fighter and fight allowed. No other crystals allowed. A security check will take place before fighting rounds.
Weapons and Armor will not be provided, each participant must bring his own.
No animals in fighting area
Rounds will be randomly determined until a winning team is selected

Entry price: 5 Million Atysian Dappers per pair (2.5 per fighter )


1st Place:

2nd Place:

* 04. April 2020
** 03. April 2020
*** Actual amount will be defined over the next few days

Pure observers will not be rewarded by ShadoWalkers, they are welcome to participate by supporting their favourite Champions and will be allowed to bet separately for a winner.
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