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[Event player] Saving Commandant Jazzy (2020/03/29)

[Event player] Saving Commandant Jazzy (2020/03/29)

Natsu'Kan lets his gaze wander over the phosphorescent plants without seeing them. All his attention is focused on finding, in his memory, the few clues that will allow him to carry out his task.

First emerge the Drakanis, including Kyriann, recipient of the izam of despair. They are the ones who found him almost dead near the Corsairs tribe camp. They provided him with first aid and then transported him to the tribe. There he could be treated and he resumed the Corsair training he had undertaken before his journey.
Once on his feet, the corsair apprentice was able to provide more information about his father, Jazzy Mac'Plantey.
Trapped in an area infested with Kitins, but in a corner safe from their senses, Jazzy, weakened physically, psychically and morally and feeling close to death had sent the Dragon's will to his successor, Kyriann.

Then he revisits his own escape: Jazzy using the diversion they had devised together, then his crazy run, alone, in the midst of kitins, boosted by everything he had be able to find in matters of acceleration, invulnerability and other auras.
Without thinking, he ran without ever turning around, without ever stopping or slowing down! It was his only chance to reach a town, a training area or a friendly tribe camp.

And finally, that old homin, Rhapsy, a merchant who's been running the Primes for decades. He had seen him as he fled and was able to lead him and his friends to the entrance of the place he had escaped without looking back.

Natsu'Kan looks around. Midway Point. That's where the entrance to this nest can be found.
This nest where Commandant Jazzy Mac'Plantey is waiting for him.

The news is spreading like the Fire of Coriolis: meet at the Sunken City vortex on 21h - Prima, Medis 1, 4th AC 2607(*).
Time is running out…

* [OOC] On Sunday, 29 March 19:30:00 UTC (2 months ago). [/OOC]
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