[For All] Fairhaven Little ones Market

Kyriann is more than happy with her discussion with Nair Zendae. The Amazon has enthusiastically accepted her proposal to do the tutorial on jewels. The ideas seemed to be racing through her head. Kyriann could no longer keep up. But the basics are there and right there. The course will perhaps be a little longer than usual but she prefers to cancel the fireworks. Everyone will benefit greatly from this lesson. She's ready to bet that even old experienced homin will come and listen.
It is with obvious pleasure that she leaves to distribute her posters.
Poster on the walls of all cities, the Ranger camp and the Marauders camp
Lordoy ad toll, Woren siloy!

We invite all homins to the fifth edition of the Fairhaven Little Ones Market.
This market is primarily for young refugees who have recently arrived from Silan and need to up-grade their gear.

It will offer at very reasonable prices quality equipment to help them progress and discover the New Lands.
We will offer a wide range of equipment up to the 11th circle (Q 50 to 110) and for all training purposes.

To be sure to find what you need, you can also place an order by sending us an Izam*.
If you cannot reach Fairhaven by your own means, do not hesitate to contact Kyriann, we can arrange treks to give you the teleport.**

It is now a tradition, the market will be preceded by a tutorial by an independent expert who will demonstrate what needs to be checked to make the right choice of equipment.
We will have the pleasure to welcome Nair Zendae, Mistress of Arms of the Kingdom, who will give us a presentation on jewels.

We are therefore waiting for you, starting from 4h - Dua, Folially 20, 3rd AC 2607** on Fairhaven beach.

Don't forget to empty your bags before arriving, you will leave well loaded!

Ashgan, Kyriann and all the « Marché des Petits » collective.

* In response to this post on the forum or by mail in-game to Kyriann who centralizes requests.
** We will organize treks during the days before the market. To benefit from it, contact us in the same way through the forum or in-game.
*** From Saturday, 14 March 2020 20:00:00 UTC (4 years ago).



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