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That was a direct response to a comment that has since been edited out.
As to mat storage ... while digging or looting in the field by way of gathering enough to meaningfully begin crafting as intended, the storage capacity on location often consists of some mere fraction of one‘s own inventory,

I don't understand .... with me, 1 packer and all needed gear , I typically can handle 1350 mats .... that's a lot of crafts

Option A
1.  Dig 1350 mats
2.  Walk to Hawker
3.  Craft and sell
4.  Rinse and repeat
That's about all the time I wanna spoend digging / crtafting on one weekday ... on weekends, I'd sometimes do it twice.

Option B
1.  Dig 1350 mats
2.  Walk to Hawker
3.  Sell Mats at 9999% markup
4.  Rinse and repeat as many times as you want ... 10k ... 20k,
5.  Go to raw mat dealer,  craft / sell
You say perhaps: ‚because ryzom‘ and ‚so is the game

Actually I don't say that, I wouldn't steal Gidget's tagline. ;)
Imagine, however, that storage rental be available ingame ....

I made no comments on rental storage; so I think you want to repond to someone else on this.  I don't see a need for rental storage as I have not yet ever been able to fill what I have.  So I wouldn't use it ... I don't see the point of storing 25 sets of HA as I can only use 1 at a time. 

I don't have any objection to others having it; Im not objecting to it in any way so Im not sure why your directed your comments to me ... I just can't fathom a way I could use it, makng me indifferent.

My only objection on storage is to hoarding ... this is a 0 sum game.  There's only so many sup mats available so the more that sits in storage unused, the less is available for everyone else.  If I go to SN's I dig enough mats to fill my immediate needs ... the conflict is less about getting what one needs and more about keeping it away from others.  More material storage would only exacerbate this.
And how much more alluring that would make the paying for a subscription in the view of routinely only F2P players!

After all, such an arrangement would surely prove to be much more convenient and much less of a hassle for the F2P player then the creation and the subsequent handling of multiple F2P player accounts and its player characters needed to approach the same level of capacity and playability.

I find these two statements contradictory ... 1st it's going to make more peeps sub and thn it gives a reason not to sub.

For this purpose you could maybe borrow additional packers from local tribes.

Or ... have a hawker in each tribe camp who pays for your mats based upon your fame.  We have vendor storage, it expires after a week.  You can track your expiration time w/ In Game apps.  Dig ya stuff... sell to hawker ... buy it back and craft, sell to hawker ... recover any craft ya want within a week. .

The biggest problm with storage is peeps keeping say QL 110 / 120 clopper parts for 6 years that have no value but they are kept because they say exe or sup on them. 

Every GL / HO has to deal with very well intentioned folks putting these in GH and then having to do spring cleaning.


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