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that idea sounds good, Khaloaden ... as for returning late or not at all...

I can well imagine, that one's fame with that and perhaps with related tribes sink more or less rapidly depending upon length of time returned late,

Not returning at all could result in getting attacked at next (few??) encounter(s) and or even becoming considered an enemy till amends be made in height or more of the damage done to the tribal wealth or prestige etc.

Moreover, the animal, itself, could well be emotionally bound up with the tribe and thus waste away by and by (as in getting sickly and needing more and more feed to even stay alive so much longer away from its tribal and other animal family (as it were). Thus also would its carrying capacity shrink etc on up till its untimely demise if no corrective measure (return to the tribe) be carried out in time. That would make all too late a return in fact result in more and more cost and eventually also to actual loss of the cargo stored on it (randomly chosen? mats and loot first, then also equipment ) and so forth,

Or the animal simply gets up and leaves on its own to return willi-nilli to the tribe when the time alotted for its rental run out, no holds barred, no prevention possible, (similar to what happens when the subscription run out) so that the borrower be thus forced to return to the tribe to renew the rental and / or to remove or use up on site etc, the stored cargo. There are so many and varied modalities easily thought up as i see it. 8)

thus: great suggestion for lore compatibility, Khaloaden 8) ++
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